Wednesday, December 31, 2008

EMANON73 - Status Report

Winter Term PCC Syvania

I picked up my books for Winter Term at PCC. I will be taking Introduction to Business - BA 101, English Composition - WR 122, Introductory Algebra- 1st Term - MTH 60 this term. All my classes are on campus this time. I took BA131 online last term. Also, my classes are scheduled back-to-back with 10 minutes to get to the next one. I will have to take a trial run to see if I even have time to use the toilet, let alone snack on something nutritious. Might have to start brown bagging my lunches. All this structure is definitely needed in my life. My life is nuts and so am I when I have nothing to do. I have to keep myself busy or I begin to implode.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a few lines down for ya, my dear readers. ;)

Emanon73 signing off...

Sunday, December 28, 2008


(PLEASE be aware that this is Rough Draft Material. Anyway please be kind in your comments. Ask me questions. I will do my very best to honestly answer them. Thank you, my dear reader/editorial assistant.)

It's a BRAND NEW DAY with fresh ideas!

Yesterday was not...

Riding the Roller Coaster of life can be exciting. It does have it's fair share of "ups and downs," pun intended, naturally.

I am who I am. I change. I grow. I fail. I fall. I get up. Life continues...

In school studying business. Got to start somewhere. I figure everything is business so what the fuck?

Been publishing in blogs, journal, Myspace, etc. for a number of years and thought I would take I fresh approach to my writing.

I am ADD and by nature or design I am extremely ECLECTIC.

I love life and its highs... not a big fan of its lows however. But they do help keep the "highs" in perspective. Can't have one without the other.

I just finished my first term at PCC Sylania in Portland, "Ory-gun."

I took Math 20 (basic), Writing 121, and BA131 Computers in Business. I am currently a 4.0 student, though it is only my first term.

I graduated HS in 1992. I was enrolled in several schools as I grew up. My parents moved allot. I made friends everywhere I moved to. I lost friends, really great friends at the time, when my parents said we had to move.

I was not a "military brat" but "something of a war" was always present in my family. Perhaps I will elaborate in further essays/posts.

It was hard to leave friends behind in the beginning. Then I just started to get used to it.

Sometimes it was easier to just move. My life was nuts at home and that spilled over into my school life as well. So, if I had social issues at one school I would be at another before long. It started to be a great escape from a rotten situation sometimes.

For the most part, I hated to leave friends. Especially if they were close like family, and sometimes they were more so.

I feel life deeply. What I mean by that is that I am introspective and feel emotions strongly; joy, pain, anger, sorrow, ecstasy/climax... This is all very fine when I live alone, or with someone who understands me, but it is a tricky, sometimes slippery situation. I may share some stories at another time. Perhaps you, my dear reader, will let me know.